Inking Pen

$79.95 / EA
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The Wacom Inking Pen was designed to mimic the immediate feedback of actual ink on paper, allowing you to sketch, write, and draw as you would conventionally. Simply place a sheet of paper (or a drawing pad up to 0.4 inches (10mm) thick) on top of your tablet and the Wacom Inking Pen is ready to digitally record original artwork, illustrations, hand-written text, or signatures. The Inking Pen is designed to both “draw” on the paper, as well as capture the drawing on the tablet.

The Wacom Inking Pen is compatible with all Intuos5 and Intuos4 pen tablets. Note: Do not use the Inking Pen on any Cintiq products as the inking cartridge can severely damage the Cintiq screen. Please refer to the specifications tab for more details.

Facts & Features

  • Writing sensation like using a regular ballpoint pen 
  • Cordless, battery-free 
  • 2nd Generation Wacom Tip Sensor 
  • Pressure Levels: 2048 
  • Tilt Sensitivity: ± 60° 
  • Eraser: no

Compatible with:

All Intuos5 and Intuos4

For use with:

Inking Pen Refill